So. I have decided that given my penchant for spamming the sites of people I admire with 109,238,471,290,347-word comments, perhaps it is time to take some of those comments to my own domain instead, where only my own (nonexistent) readers will go cross-eyed attempting to slog through them. (I actually do edit my comments fairly painstakingly… it’s just that apparently I end up deciding that all 109,238,471,290,347 words are necessary in each case. I don’t suppose that can really be true, so hopefully you’ll see my writing here improve as time goes on. Anyway.)

As is probably obligatory for anyone of my advanced age who is only just now starting a blog, I need to point out that I’m a little intimidated by this whole process, but I’ll bravely soldier forward and see if I can’t develop some kind of familiarity with technology that I should have been keeping up with all along. I mean, this WordPress thing seems easy enough even for me to handle, thank god, but the last time I did any web programming (in college), I considered myself fancy for changing my background color, so this place is probably going to look–and let’s be honest, actually BE–kind of boring for a while. I’m supposed to be an engineer (more on that later, probably) so hopefully I’ll figure it all out.

More about me and this site to come soon…