… to these two concepts. First, the food one:

Itty Packs

Itty Packs

I realize these are marketed to kids, but still, you expect me to pay you perfectly good money for something that you admit is “itty”? Why don’t they just call them “microscopic packs”? OK, this particular item in a vacuum is sort of amusing and trivial (and I’m not necessarily saying these aren’t an appropriate size for kids, although I do hate that apparently it’s the food industry and not our own hunger that gets to decide that these days), but I can’t think about it any more right now, because I keep seeing more evidence of how hyperawareness of calories and how to “burn them off,” “portion control,” weight, BMI, and such is being forced on children at younger and younger ages at home, at school, at the gym, etc. and it just infuriates me.

Next, the clothing one:

Fight Club tank

Alloy is a company that I usually actually like, seeing as I can get jeans from there by Truck and Piper that are made in the USA, but this is not acceptable. I don’t care that it comes from a movie. In the catalog, it’s displayed on an actual model, and it’s just awful to see this thin, smiling teenage girl wearing a shirt that says “I want you to hit me as hard as you can.”