I ran the 10K that I have lately been blathering about this morning, and I did it in… (drumroll)…


That’s right–I met my goal of running it in under an hour. (Note: I did run the whole way. This was another goal, one which I was pretty sure I could achieve, so I didn’t focus on as much. But I know that based on the time some of you faster folks may assume that I walked part of it, which I DID NOT, so I am saying so for the record, dammit.) 🙂

I think it helped a lot that I was running it with my friend Steve, who I’m sure could have gone faster but instead stayed with me throughout the race (Thanks, Steve!), which probably kept me a little more focused and fast than I would have been otherwise. But there is no question that I busted ass, and I am very proud of how I did. About Mile 3, I was thinking “I’m never running a race again,” but that feeling appeared to mysteriously evaporate once it became clear I was going to finish well. I can see now why people do things like sign up for marathons and undergo childbirth more than once (note to parents: not that I am comparing the two in any way) 🙂 and stuff like that.

Anyway, yay!