I wrote a really long, convoluted post a while back (I know that doesn’t narrow it down in the slightest, so here is the one I’m specifically referring to) in which I tried to make the point that even though things are undoubtedly better in many ways for women now than they were in the past, I still feel a vague sense of unease that in other ways, things might actually be getting worse. In the post I was struggling to convey that while I did understand that some feminist and social issues are undoubtedly “more important” than others, I didn’t feel comfortable with the idea that the issues on which we have made significant progress, and the “trivial” stuff, can now be let go to concentrate on other things, because I feel that doing so could be more dangerous and destructive to the progress already made than we might realize. But now Melissa McEwan (of Shakesville) has put up a great post at Finally, A Feminism 101 Blog that in part focuses on this question. I feel that it better conveys the points I was trying to make, so definitely go read it rather than trying to decipher my ramblings.