Read what wizardkitten says in this Blogging for Michigan entry. I am so sick of people acting like Michigan will somehow be anything other than a shithole if we slash taxes, wages, benefits, worker rights, public works, etc. to the extent that some would like to see. You end up with an economy that isn’t appreciably better, and once all these things that make Michigan a great place to live are gone, they will never come back.

Business would be booming if we could just pay our employees $1 an hour, right? And you didn’t need health benefits or retirement plans, either. Or good schools or parks or other “quality of life” things. Silly you. Survival of the fittest, you know. Time for you working class heroes to join the race to the bottom with your southern counterparts. […]

Big money doesn’t mind turning Michigan into the “Mississippi of the North”; as long as they don’t have to pay their employees a decent wage, they will be guaranteed to enjoy a decent lifestyle – and if you’re poor, it’s your own damn fault.

Not to slam on the South too much–I can’t blame the people who live in, for example, Mississippi for the choices their leaders have made, but I do agree with wizardkitten’s characterization of what those leaders have chosen to sacrifice in order to score manufacturing jobs, which I’m sure are currently hemorrhaging overseas because if cheap is good, cheaper is better–but this entry is RIGHT ON.

Do we as a nation seriously believe that a situation where workers must hold down 2-3 jobs to support their families, with paltry or no medical benefits, and still find themselves drowning in debt and unable to afford food or gas, is “uniquely American” and to be commended? If so, what have we come to? Disgusting.