OK, I’m mostly happy that Michigan State is 9-2. Can you believe it? Go Green! And it was, as we chant in the stands before every home game, “A Beautiful Day… For Football!” At least if you’re me.

But I’m also happy that, when we were watching other football games this evening, we caught sight of the abbreviation “Ed Waters” on the score ticker and didn’t know what school it was, so my soon-to-be-a-school-media-specialist friend Pompatus got on The Google and checked it out. Turns out the team in question was from Edward Waters College in Jacksonville, FL. (They won today, by the way.) The school has a really interesting history that you should check out here (or maybe you already knew about it), but what really made me happy was discovering the Purple Thunder dance team, described by the Edward Waters web site as “the group of plus-size ladies” that performs with the EWC Triple Threat Marching Band. The web site further mentions that Purple Thunder was named “Best Non Traditional Dance Squad” in the Florida Leader‘s Best of Florida Schools 2005 feature. Check it out:

It just pleases me to see that at some point, a group of fat students got together and decided to form a dance squad–not as the butt of a joke, but to support their marching band and football team, get out there and put on a great performance, and have fun. And furthermore, they called themselves Purple Thunder after “the noise that we bring when we hit the field,” as the group’s founder, Kathy Williams, told Best of Florida Schools 2005. It appears these women don’t shy away from the space they take up or the impact they make on the crowd at football games–an attitude I strive for in my own life. So I’m going to try and keep them in mind next time I feel like I can’t or shouldn’t do something because of my body shape. Who says?