If you’re coming from the Fatosphere feed, you’ve already seen this, but please check out Rachel’s post on the Academy for Eating Disorder’s new guidelines for childhood obesity prevention programs. According to Deb Burgard, who was on the panel that developed the guidelines and who commented at The-F-Word.org post, the AED is “the premier international association of academic and clinical eating disorder specialists.”

Just read the guidelines, and imagine a world where they are implemented. A world where kids aren’t scapegoated, othered, or punished for being fat, but are taught and encouraged in healthy habits and activities just like the thin kids. Blub. It makes the world we actually live in (where kids are sent home with shaming notes about their weight and encouraged into dangerous weight loss surgeries… in fact, a world where low self-esteem is blamed on fat itself instead of on anti-fat bullying and harassment where it belongs, and where kids can actually be taken away from their parents on presumption of “abuse” simply because they are fat) seem like a bad dream. I hope one day that’s all it will be.