I just wanted to toot my own horn by announcing that I finished the half-marathon I have been training for this morning in 2:15:49. I also finished in the top half of my age/sex group. I am thrilled with this result–my goal was 2:30:00, and near the end of training I was somewhat concerned I wouldn’t be able to meet it. But prior self-doubt notwithstanding, the race itself was a ton of fun and the course (over the Ambassador Bridge and back through the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel) was so scenic and enjoyable. Crowd support and the weather were also great. Interesting factoid: other than a refueling stop in Gander, NF on a flight to Europe in 1992, I have never been to Canada before. This is despite growing up in Michigan and working for 3 years in an office building overlooking the Detroit River from which I could see Windsor every day. (No, I’m not really sure why I never just drove over there.) Well, now I have been there–on foot! 🙂 Very cool. Overall, the race was an amazing experience for me.

I also wanted to report that despite rumors to the contrary (I saw a couple of Facebook comments–which I’m sure posters  considered positive and complimentary–about how it was great to see such a “fit, good-looking” crowd at the pre-race Health and Fitness Expo–presumably they meant by contrast with the typical convention center crowd), my visual observations indicate that a number of ACTUAL REAL LIVE FAT PEOPLE, even apart from myself, participated in this morning’s races. Many of them even finished AHEAD OF THIN PARTICIPANTS. Photodocumentation of this remarkable fact is available (possible headline: “OMGWTF FAT WOMAN STOPS EATING DONUTS FOR SEVERAL HOURS, RUNS MARATHON”). But… but… Fatosphere readers, you don’t seem shocked at this news! Huh. Oh well. 🙂

In any case, congratulations to everyone who participated, and on a very sad note, my thoughts are with the loved ones of the 3 runners (certainly an unusually high number for one event) who died during the race. I can’t imagine what it would be like to lose a friend or family member under such shocking circumstances.