Last year, I complained to Title Nine about marketing language stating that their swimwear came in “all shapes & sizes.” Well, they’re at it again, now claiming in an email advertisement that they have “a suit for every body.” This didn’t get any less ridiculous just because a year passed.  Honestly, I could almost let it go if it weren’t for the fact that Title Nine is always held up as the go-to source for sports bras, and they do have a great selection of styles, but when it comes down to it, the selection is still very poor for plus sizes. For almost everything else in the catalog, if you are above a small 14, forget it. I guess it’s their particularly limited size range combined with their bizarrely ambitious claims about their swimwear fit that makes the whole thing especially irritating.

Here’s what I wrote this year. I’ll be sure to update again in 2011 when they say something like “our suits fit every single woman in the world la la la we can’t hear you, fat ladies.” 😛

I sent the below message about 10 months ago taking issue with an email I received from T9 titled “Swimwear in all shapes & sizes.” Today I received another swimwear preview email from T9 headed “Swimwear for every body.”

Your response last March stated that you can’t carry the range of sizes you would like due to logistical constraints, and I understand and sympathize with that. It is your advertising language that I have an issue with. If your marketing department somehow only knows women who wear sizes 6-14, then perhaps it seems harmless or unimportant to state that this size range encompasses “every body.” But what you are actually doing is negating the existence of a large percentage of active women who would love to buy from your catalog but can’t. Whether these women are too fat to wear your suits or too thin–or whether, for example, they are too tall, too short, in need of a suit that will accommodate a mastectomy prosthesis, or shaped such that your suits just “don’t work” for whatever reason–they exist and are proof that nobody, and in particular not a catalog focused on a relatively narrow portion of the misses’ size range, offers suits for “every body.”

As I said, I appreciate that it may be impossible to expand your range of merchandise. So next time, how about making claims about something like the supportiveness of your suits, their utility for active pursuits, or their durability. It’s a small change, but one that would demonstrate respect to many customers and potential customers.